European Top 44


The stars we all know, with hits we all love...

This unique Mix Programming offers a variety of timeless hits from different genres that your listeners will love to hear as many times as you play them.

It's easy as 1-2-3!

1 Choose your unique show name...
Give this show a name that fits best into your programming. Name it to fit into your station name (i.e. Cool FM Friday Night Mix or Hit Radio Saturday Dance Party), your sponsor's name (i.e. Company X Party Mix or Hits We All Love with Company X), your host name (i.e. Tina's Three-in-a-row evening or Sunday Evening Party with Andy), or choose anything else. Once you have made your decision, send us some station and show liners, and we will insert them to each mix.

2 Download the show...
Once your liners are inserted (it will take a couple of days), you will be given an unique username and password to download the show from our server. You will be able to download the complete monthly package (90 mixes each month, each made out of three popular songs). The next 90 mixes will be ready on our server a month later!

3 Play the show!
Each month, you will receive the new series consisting of 90 fresh made mixes. It is up to you to fit them into your programming: three mixes during a day to add some refreshment to any daypart, 21 mixes during a Weekend special, or whatever you create, we do not mind at all.
... and not to forget: once you buy the mixes, they remain in your archives forever, with unlimited repeated broadcasts allowed!

(A couple of telescoped mixes; only the mixed parts are here, so you can hear what we are talking about.)
This demo is encoded at 192 kbps for fast and easy downloading.
The broadcasting version is delivered in 320 kbps mp3 format.

Contact us for exclusive availability, and market based buyout license fee.
The address to write to is hello <at> eurotop44 <dot> com.








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