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About the chart:
Compiled on data collected from 40 countries (click for more info), the European Top 44 Chart Show is the only syndicated radio show based on popular music played across Europe, available internationally.
About the chart show:
If you are a terrestrial (FM/AM) broadcaster registered within your country, we will gladly provide you everything you need to produce your own local version of the show.
The show in basic version is distributed on free of charge basis (some rules and restrictions apply). No hidden costs, no strings attached.
The licensing is territory exclusive: in one broadcasting area, only one station can obtain the show license.
Due to copyright issues, the show is NOT available to Internet-only radio stations.

To receive more information and apply for your free license, please contact us through THIS FORM and we will respond as soon as possible.
Also available:
For a small fee, if you provide us the dry recording of your host, we can handle the complete production, and deliver you a produced click-and-broadcast show version.
For a small fee, you can upgrade your free license and receive the complete script prepared for your host, from the first 'hello' to the last 'bye-bye'
For a license fee based on market size, we can also offer you a flat rate territory-based licensing, for producing local language versions and re-selling them to broadcasters in your country.

Check this out:
For a small license fee based on market size, we are also offering a mix programming called "Mix with no name". Check out the details HERE.

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To contact European Top 44 Chart Crew, send your e-mails to hello <at> eurotop44 <dot> com.
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